Autumn Waxhaw Garden and Field Natural Senior Pictures

golden hour senior girl picture in black dress in a field

Today’s outdoor natural senior photo session features Ava at Marvin Efird Park in Waxhaw. There is a misconception that there are no flowers in the fall autumn months. This just isn’t true and often we have more color in the fall than we do in early to mid spring. I shoot a lot of senior pictures here year round. Clients choose it because it has all the things. The flower garden, the barn, the field, the beautiful light. It’s rustic and there are so many spots that I can never cover them all in one session. I loved working with Ava because she was so relaxed and carefree. To see what Ava thought of the session and learn more about her, scroll to the end of this post.

Senior Portrait Experience-Ava’s POV

Q. How was your experience during your senior shoot?
A. I had a great senior shoot! It was very fun and Gianna was creative with poses.

Q. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to anyone getting their senior photos taken?
A. Don’t be afraid to laugh and have fun.

Q. What kind of look were you going for in your senior photos?
A. Classic and soft colors.
Q. Did you accessorize differently with each outfit? Did any accessories have any special meaning?
A. I wore one of my favorite necklaces, it was simple but I wanted something that was meaningful.
Q. Did you take any props or try to incorporate any activities that you’re in?
A. I brought my dog for a few shots!
Q. Any tips on how to prepare for the session or must have things to bring?
A. My biggest must have was a hairbrush and lip gloss.
Q. Let’s talk about locations. What location did you choose for your session? Why did you choose that location?
A: I choose Marvin Efird Park for my session, I loved the naturey look for pictures and I like the incorporation of flowers.
Q. Why do you think senior portraits are important?
A. I believe senior pictures are important because they mark an important milestone! The photos are a great way to remember all the happy moments from senior year and celebrate the accomplishments.

About Ava

Q. After High School plans? College Plans? If so, where? Major?
A. I want to attend Appalachian State and study Psychology.
Q. What extracurricular activities/hobbies are you involved in?
A. I’m a member of Senior Board and various school clubs. I also love to crochet!
Q. What’s on your BUCKET LIST of things to do or see?
A. I want to visit Iceland and go to the Blue Lagoon.

Q. What is your go-to fun fact icebreaker you tell new people about yourself?
A. My favorite is that my Hamster’s name is Mr. Cuddles, my little sister named him and it’s the cutest.

Ava’s Fun Facts

Favorite Movie/Show: Greys Anatomy
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Salted Caramel
Favorite Beverage: Kombucha
Favorite Food/Restaurant: Anything Mediterranean
Favorite Place to shop: Urban Outfitters
Favorite Memory: Friday night football games, I loved participating in the themes.
Least favorite subject in school: Math
Favorite subject in school: History
Favorite color to wear: Pink
Things I can’t live without: My Simple Modern water bottle and Apple Music
What do you to chill out: I love to crochet and go on power walks.
BFF: Ava, Lily and Gracie!
Siblings: I have a little sister Freya.
Pets: I have 3 dogs and a Hamster.
Pet Peeves: When people walk slowly!
Thoughts or words to live by: “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”
Do you have any advice for your future self?
Always stay true to who you are!

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