Weddington High School Fall Senior Portrait Session


Charlotte NC Model Team member senior picture session at horse farm and downtown Waxhaw.

Let me preface this blog post by saying that I absolutely adore this girl so much. This girl is Katherine and she is on Natural Bloom Photo’s Team ’21 model team. Before Katherine had her senior portrait session in the fall, we had already shot together a few times.

I LOVE Katherine’s style and on this shoot I had nothing to do with the outfits other than approving them. All the outfits are from Free People. She has found a way to define her cohesive look as her own and stand out with her fashion choices. This alone takes confidence. She has confidence to play in front of the camera, to wear what she wants, to start a business, and travel alone internationally! I don’t even know if I could do that last one! Katherine is smart, kind, and funny and I know she will go on to do great things and I have loved having her be a part of NBP’s model team. Get know her better by reading through our interview below.


Q. After High School plans? College Plans? If so, where? Major?

A. I am taking a gap year this fall leading into next year where I will be living in Spain and Southeast Asia. After my gap I will be attending Penn State College of nursing to pursue an undergraduate degree in nursing.

Q. What extracurricular activities/hobbies are you involved in?

A. I run track for my school, ride horses, and run my own small business where I sell handmade picture collages.

“I think dressing up in ways you don’t normally dress and going out in public helps to build self confidence.”

Q. Why did you want to join the model team?

A. I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to meet new girls from my area and have a professional outlet to express my creative “fashionista” nature.

Q. What has been your favorite part of your experience on the team?

A.I loved the boho and clueless shoot. I think dressing up in ways you don’t normally dress and going out in public helps to build self confidence. Not to mention both shoots were a blast.

Q. What has being on the team taught you about yourself?

A.It taught me that I can be confident in my own skin out in public. There were definitely some times where people would stare at us in our funky outfits but the rest of the girls and I just stared right back because we were having fun and didn’t care about public perception. 

Q. What was your favorite model team shoot so far?

A. The boho shoot had to have been my favorite because all things boho are right up my alley. I also love shooting in nature and this shoot was at a beautiful outdoor location. All around just a great time with the girls and the pics turned out incredible. 

Q. What advice would you give someone who was thinking about joining the team?

A. Just do it! Submit that application. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my senior year. It gave me some amazing relationships and pushed me out of my comfort zone in front of the camera and that is truly where the best photographs are taken.

Q. How was your experience during your senior shoot?

A. It was amazing. I had the opportunity to shoot with some horses and ponies at the barn that I ride at and it was so fun shooting with them. 

Q. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to anyone getting their senior photos taken?

A. I would highly suggest getting senior photos. It made me feel so special to be at that point of highschool to where I could get those shots. I remember seeing the upperclassmen girls posting their senior pictures and being so excited to get mine.

Q. What kind of look were you going for in your senior photos? 

A. I went for a very simple boho farm look. I wanted to shoot in a field with a horse and we did just that and the pictures turned out incredible.

Q. Did you accessorize differently with each outfit?

A.I did, I brought different earrings, shirts, and shoes to each location we shot at just incase we wanted to change things up a little.

Q. Did you take any props or try to incorporate any activities that you’re in?

A.Yes, my biggest props were the ponies! They were so fun to shoot with! And the pictures turned out one of a kind because of them.

Q. Any tips on how to prepare for the session or must have things to bring?

A. Definitely water and snacks .When shooting I would get dehydrated quickly so keeping water and food nearby is always a good idea.

Q. What location(s) did you choose for your session?

A. I chose the horse farm where I board my horse and downtown Waxhaw. I would not have had my shoot any other way. The weather was perfect for late October and the time of day we were shooting at made the afternoon light such a beautiful asset to the shots. The field and barn was exactly where I wanted to have my senior pictures done and my vision was captured perfectly by Gianna and her lens.

Q. What’s on your BUCKET LIST of things to do or see?

A. I love to travel, one major thing on my bucket list is to try and visit as many places in the world as I possibly can.


Favorite Movie/Show: Bridgerton.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mango or anything fruity.

Favorite Beverage: I am a sucker for lemonade.

Favorite Food/Restaurant: Lobster rolls from a café on Cape Cod that I’ve been going to for years.

Favorite Place to shop: Free people.

Favorite Memory: Taking my first international trip alone.

Least favorite subject in school: Math of any kind

Favorite subject in school: Biology or any science.

Favorite color to wear: Green, brown, or beige.

Things I can’t live without: My journal, chapstick, and iced coffee.

What do you to chill out: I love to take baths to decompress or meditate.

BFF: I don’t have a singular best friend but I have the absolute best inner circle of people in my life.

Siblings: A younger brother and sister.

Pets: I’ve had 5 guinea pigs, a rabbit, and two dogs in my lifetime.

Pet Peeves: People being late and the sound of fingers touching paper lol.

Thoughts or words to live by: “If not now, when?”

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