Clueless Movie Themed Group Model Team Photo Shoot

Clueless themed photo shoot

This is our first themed group shoot for our class of 2021 model team, Team ’21. I can’t remember what inspired me to do this shoot. It was either an outfit I saw or maybe I had actually seen the movie Clueless recently. I mean that wouldn’t be that far fetched (see what I did there?) considering I will stop whatever I’m doing to watch it when it comes on. If you haven’t ever seen it, go, go now and watch it. It’s a quintessential chick flick rom-com. It actually came out when I was a senior in high school, 199…well that’s not important! The point is it’s a great movie and all the girls on the model team were super thrilled with the idea! The look was pretty easy to put together. It seems like plaid was in recently so, so we were good to go.

Ahhh the model team. What is it? How do I become involved?

The model team is a common practice among high school senior photographers as part of their marketing. Being part of a model team provides the model with an exclusive opportunity to get extra and unique photo sessions along with their senior portraits during their senior year. All photographers run their programs differently but that is the gist of it. The photographer uses these photos for their marketing.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Natural Bloom Photography model team, there is an application process. You can apply here anytime. Only high school seniors will be considered. Model team members must have an active social media presence, especially on Instagram. Model team members must purchase a senior portrait session with NBP and shoot exclusively with NBP for their senior year.

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