Weddington High School Senior Pictures in Charlotte, NC

Camp Northend girl senior pictures in front of butterfly mural

This spring, I had a great portrait session with Lydia, a Weddington High School senior, who is headed to Clemson in the fall. We traveled all over Charlotte for her senior pictures! We started in Camp Northend, headed to Ballantyne and ended in Waxhaw. Yes, that was three locations! It was a long day and a bit of driving, but look…it was totally worth the outcome. So chug some coffee and let’s do this!

Even though this session took place in the spring, we could easily get almost identical results in the fall. The flowers at Marvin Efird Park bloom from late spring to fall and the murals don’t have a season!

I loved working with Lydia and her mom. She is a fun, laid back, athletic type who was super easy going and easy to talk to. Since she chose my top tier package she got pro-makeup, three locations and a bunch of outfit changes.

I think what truly made her session a success is that they really heeded my advice on our consultation call. All my packages include a consult, except mini sessions. Her outfit choices for her senior pictures could not have been more perfect for each location we were at which included, Camp Northend, with it’s industrial vibes and colorful murals, Ballantyne, which is bright, clean, and minalmilst, and finally, Marvin Efird Park, which is a rustic natural park with a flower patch and fields.

Her style choices reflected some of my key rules, like make sure the outfit goes with the location and pay attention that the cut isn’t too revealing. This last one is so important, especially with tops and it’s one I believe is overlooked most of the time. Why is this an important choice? Because at your senior pictures photoshoot, you are moving, bending, laughing twirling, and I’m shooting from all kinds of angles. If you have a low cut top, that limits our shots by like 75%! Plus, we end up spending a bunch of time trying to conceal things. You’ll notice Lydia’s tops were mostly square neck which is ideal. Her colors were mostly solid, but absolutely complimented each location. Keep scrolling to get to know Lydia in her own words….

Camp Northend, Charlotte, NC

girl senior pictures in the camp northend area of Charlotte, North Carolina
girl senior pictures in the camp northend area of Charlotte, North Carolina, teal pants and white top
girl senior pictures in the camp northend area of Charlotte, North Carolina, teal pants and white top
girl senior pictures in the camp northend area of Charlotte, North Carolina, pink barbiecore dress
girl senior pictures in the camp northend area of Charlotte, North Carolina, pink barbiecore dress

Ballantyne, NC

girl professional senior pictures Ballantyne, North Carolina
Girl senior pictures at the park in Waxhaw, NC announcing college decision for Clemson

Marvin Efird Park, Waxhaw, NC

senior girl pictures in Waxhaw, NC, college announcement Clemson
Marvin Efird Park flower field senior pictures in Waxhaw, NC in May. Girl is wearing a purple checkered dress, standing near purple and yellow flowers.
Marvin Efird Park field senior pictures in Waxhaw, NC in May, white dress
Marvin Efird Park senior pictures in Waxhaw, NC in May white dress

Q. Why do you think senior portraits are important?
A. “I think senior portraits are important because it is a big time in your life and one that should be celebrated and remembered. So I think that having photos to remember and commemorate high school is really special.”

Lydia, NBP CLIENT,Class of 2022

Fun Facts About Lydia

Q. After High School plans? College Plans? If so, where? Major?
A. I plan on attending Clemson University, and majoring in biological sciences.

Q. What extracurricular activities/hobbies are you involved in? WOW-Very impressive accomplishments…
A. I played competitive soccer and club soccer, and was involved in the Weddington High School National Honor Society as well as 3 other honor societies and a number of other clubs. WOW LYDIA-Very impressive accomplishments!

Q. How was your experience during your senior shoot?
A. I really enjoyed my shoot, it was so fun being able to get creative with the different poses and enjoy the day with my mom and Gianna. Gianna was so encouraging and really helped me open up and get into the shoot.

Q. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to anyone getting their senior photos taken?
A. Don’t be nervous and go into your shoot with an open mind! Gianna will guide you and make the whole process easy.

Q. What kind of look were you going for in your senior photos? 
A. I honestly couldn’t decide what I wanted, more of a city/urban look or the nature look, so Gianna was able to give me both. We shot in Camp North End, Ballantyne, and at the park. So it was a mix of a couple different looks, so I was able to have a variety of photos which was great.

Q. Did you accessorize differently with each outfit?
A. I actually didn’t, I know that some people do but I had a necklace and earrings that I love and wear all the time and that worked with every outfit I had chosen. So, I just wore those for the whole shoot.

Q. Did you take any props or try to incorporate any activities that you’re in?
A.  I didn’t bring any props, but I did bring a Clemson t-shirt and my graduation dress. I wanted to have nice pictures to represent my school and graduation.

Q. Any tips on how to prepare for the session or must have things to bring?
A. Make sure you read everything Gianna sends you and bring all of your extra outfits because it never hurts to change really quickly and get a few extra pictures in that one outfit you love!

Q. Let’s talk about locations. What location(s) did you choose for your session? Why did you choose that location? Do you wish you would have gone some place different or would you suggest where you went?

A. I chose Camp North End, Ballantyne, and Marvin Efird Park. I would recommend choosing all three, I loved my choices. All three were easy to shoot at, since Gianna knows the ins and outs of all of them and there are so many different places to shoot at each of the locations. Camp North End had a bunch of cool wall art to shoot in front of and give me more fun, colorful pictures. Ballantyne was so pretty and was able to give me more professional pictures that I could submit on résumés. The photos taken at Marvin Efird Park were my family’s favorites though, the flower garden makes for such colorful photos! Overall, I loved all of my locations and since I chose such different ones it gave me such a variety of pictures.

Q. What’s on your BUCKET LIST of things to do or see?
A.  I want to travel to 30 countries in my life.

Q. Tell me 2 truths

A. I am a night person, and I am not a good dancer.

 Favorite Movie/Show: Grey’s Anatomy

 Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Ben and Jerry’s “The Tonight Dough”

Favorite Beverage: Pink Lemonade

Favorite Food/Restaurant: Zapata’s in Ballantyne, my favorite food is a quesadilla.

Favorite Place to shop: Lululemon

Favorite Memory: Going on a beach trip with my friends this summer

Least favorite subject in school: Math

Favorite subject in school: Science

Favorite color to wear: Blue, Pink or Orange – I can’t decide

Things I can’t live without: Ice cream

  • What do you to chill out: I like to hang out with my friends, and play soccer.
  • BFF: I can’t choose just one!
  • Siblings: I don’t have any:(
  • Pets: I have one cat named Tooncer
  • Pet Peeves: When people don’t do a thorough job cleaning.
  • Thoughts or words to live by: If you’re not having fun, make it fun!

Lydia, thank you so much for choosing me as your senior photographer. I loved spending the day with you and shooting your senior pictures. You were my dream client! xoxo, Gianna

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