Lake Norman Senior Portrait Photographer

Many of you may know or have worked with NBP’s amazing and talented makeup artist Samantha. To know her is to love her! I feel incredibly grateful to have her on the team to provide her artful skills to my senior clients. Some super exciting news is that Sam is actually going to esthetician school right now! While she is in school our makeup availability schedule will change slightly.

One of the benefits of working for me is that sometimes I take you for sporadic adventure photo shoots! I wanted to do some location scouting in Lake Norman and Sam was totally down for the idea. Normally for a senior session there is tons of planning and coordination that goes into the shoot. However, Sam and I just threw a bunch of random outfits and accessories into the back of my car and went on our way! That is how we roll but fortunately I did do some research ahead of time and I had a vague idea of the areas and backdrops I was looking to shoot in.

I LOVED shooting in Lake Norman. It’s definitely worth the drive from South Charlotte. You get so much versatility in your backgrounds! Honestly it might be one of my new favorites! I think in the fall we may have a harder time finding floral options like we did here with the purple Crape Myrtle tree.

We shot for about three hours in three different areas of Lake Norman. We got in six different outfits. Some time was used to explore the setting and light at each new location and some time was used for me to get to know a new lens and camera I was using.

If you are interested in getting your senior portraits done with me in Lake Norman, I believe we would get a good variety of shots even if we just did a one-hour Silver Session.

Dark and moody forest vibes

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