How to Incorporate Barbiecore Into Your Senior Portraits

hot pink barbiecore dress in natural park

Barbiecore + Senior Pictures

Look up the term barbiecore and you’ll get no less than a million definitions and interpretations. For the purposes of this post we are defining it as the “pretty in pink” fashion trend. It’s a vibe that embraces happiness, confidence and even feminism. Now that major fashion houses have picked up the trend you can count on it still being around for a bit. So why not let it inspire an outfit at your senior session?

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Here are two ways to incorporate barbiecore into your senior session

You can incorporate not only shocking pink, but even the softest form of pink in your senior session in a natural or city location.

Make it the main event: It could be a mini dress or satin slip dress

Accessorize: Bubble-gum colored boots, hot pink statement earrings or heels, a blazer or leather jacket

I’d love to show you all the ways you can include this trend into your senior portraits while still following my rule of at least one classic outfit and one trendy outfit. Let’s chat about it in depth at your pre-session consultation. Click here to book your senior portrait session and complimentary fashion consult!

This Tulle Skirt comes in a bunch of different colors and can be styled in a variety of ways. You can go casual princess vibes like we did here or even pin up the bottom front, throw on a graphic tee and some combat boots to grunge it up.

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