Need to Reschedule Your Photoshoot?

Photographer cancellation and reschedule policy

“NBP is now strictly enforcing its reschedule policy as outlined in our contract. Please consider your calendar and schedule carefully before booking to avoid paying a rescheduling retainer.”

Why This Photographer Has a Strict Reschedule Policy

Senior year is an incredibly busy and sometimes stressful time for students and families. Your photoshoot day is supposed to be fun, relaxed, and stress-free! Please consider schedules carefully before booking your session. If you are booking a FALL session, you’ll be right in the middle of homecoming, college applications and essays, and sports practices! Schedule in the SPRING and you may have senior banquets, prom, and senior skip day. Not to mention all the other things that may pop up to prompt a reschedule.

  • When NBP blocks a day and time for a client for a SILVER or GOLD session, no other clients are scheduled on that day. Most of those sessions also require a makeup artist to be booked.
  • When a client decides they need to reschedule, an entire day of income is lost for the photographer and makeup artist. This spot generally cannot be filled by another client.
  • NBP books out 3-6 months in advance. That means days off, vacations, weather makeup dates, and editing days are all factored in.
  • As an outdoor-only senior photographer in North Carolina, NBP is subject to the seasons and weather. That means shooting about only 6 months out of the year.

NBP only books a maximum of 30 clients each season. On average, 10 people per season choose to reschedule their sessions for reasons other than weather. In the past NBP has been very accommodating for people to reschedule for reasons like… my child committed to something else, we are going on vacation, we are packing, we are sick, we have a sports practice or game, we have college essays due, the list goes on. Rescheduling a session via text or email costs additional time lost in the multiple back and forth of texts or emails getting the client rescheduled. For this reason, moving forward, NBP will be strictly enforcing the reschedule policy outlined in the first three paragraphs of your contract. Please consider your calendar and schedule carefully prior to booking to avoid paying a rescheduling retainer.

NBP honors their commitments to clients and will avoid rescheduling sessions if at all possible

Rebooking for Weather

Weather reschedules will be made by NBP only. Weather reschedules are only made in the event of rain DURING your session time. If it is raining the morning of, or after, we will continue our shoot as scheduled. Most often, storms in our area of Charlotte, North Carolina will move in and out quickly, leaving us with beautiful skies. Your session will not be rescheduled for a cloudy day, a windy day, a hot day, a cold day, etc. Clients are more than welcome to reschedule a session for any of those reasons and pay the new booking retainer fee. No reschedule fees will be incurred by the client should NBP decide to reschedule due to weather.

Rebooking for Covid-19

If a reschedule is required because your child has Covid-19 you will NOT be charged for a reschedule fee. A positive Covid-19 result with your child’s name and date must be provided to NBP to waive the reschedule fee. Other illnesses may be subject to a rescheduling fee unless a doctor’s note is provided.

Reschedules by Natural Bloom Photography

NBP values the time of their clients and makes every possible effort to accommodate them. That is why NBP honors its commitments to clients and will avoid rescheduling of sessions if at all possible. If a makeup artist becomes unavailable, every effort will be made to find a replacement. If no replacement can be found the client can choose to move forward with the session without professional makeup and the makeup fee will be removed from the final invoice. If the client wishes to proceed with makeup and no makeup artist is available, a reschedule will be made at no additional cost to the client. If a reschedule is determined necessary by the photographer for weather, illness, or otherwise, there will be NO additional retainer fee required by the client.

I need to reschedule, now what?

Reach out to your photographer, NBP, via email to receive information on the best way to reschedule. You will be prompted to go through the scheduling process through the booking links below. You will need to accept a new quote and pay a new retainer. NBP can also manually rebook your session and a rescheduling fee will be added to your previous invoice. Rebooking fees and retainers are 10% of your session fee.

Rebook a Virtual Consultation (no rebooking fee)

Rebook a SILVER (1-hour) Session-$45 fee

Rebook a GOLD (2-hour) Session-$85 fee

Information in this post is laid out in our portrait contract that is required to be signed by the client at the time of booking. Please review your contract carefully so that you are well informed about the practices of Natural Bloom Photography.

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