Senior Guy Pictures with Bassoon in Uptown Charlotte NC

Here is another post corona virus shutdown portrait session with a Marvin Ridge High School senior guy. Ben plays the bassoon and is the MRHS band. Since it is such a big part of his life, they really wanted the bassoon included. I do just love it when y’all can incorporate your hobbies and extra-curriculars. Now, it was pretty warm out but not as unbearable as it is in July. But, I love that despite that this was technically a summer photo session, you can’t tell by his awesome outfits! So much variety with the button down and Vans, gray sweater, the black tuxedo, and the Carnegie Melon sweatshirt! I mean you don’t normally think about wearing a sweater during the summer but it’s so dang smart! These pictures look like 4 different sessions at varying times throughout the year!

Uptown Charlotte Senior guy picures
Uptown charlotte senior boy pictures
Uptown Charlotte Mint Museum guy high school senior portraits by Waxhaw Photographer
Basson player in tuxedo in uptown Charlotte North Carolina senior portraits
Ballantyne photographer senior portraits in tuxedo
ballantyne high school senior portraits
Senior pictures in Ballantyne     by Waxhaw senior portrait photographer

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