Weddington High School Senior Boy Pictures

This winter I had the honor of photographing one of my dearest friends son for his senior pictures. We headed to Downtown Waxhaw, a suburb of Charlotte, NC. Although not technically, because it’s a different county, but, as usual I digress. I love taking the guys to Waxhaw for their senior pictures because it is so versatile and can add to the masculinity of the final images.. I prefer it over choosing a park for the entire session. Waxhaw has lots of different backgrounds to choose from as well as lots of posing aids, like stairs, railing, doorways, curbs, benches, etc. In the end we get a gallery sprinkled with colorful, natural, and urban shots.

For outfits, I typically suggest layers for guys, no matter the season. With a t-shirt, button down, and jacket, you can get three different looks simply by removing the layers. Here, I didn’t have him go all the way down to the gray t-shirt because I knew he had two other gray college shirts he was going to be wear later in the shoot.

This was a one-hour Silver Session, our most popular pick for senior boys.

high school senior boy poses
high school senior boy pictures
Weddington High School Senior
Waxhaw high school senior portraits
Waxhaw senior pictures
Waxhaw senior portraits
Weddington High school senior pictures
college t-shirt senior portraits in waxhaw, north carolina

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