Providence High School Senior Guy Pictures in Uptown Charlotte

Charlotte North Carolina High School Senior Boy Pictures

Every time a mom contacts me for senior guy portraits, it’s usually because they aren’t happy with the pictures they received back from school. So, they call me in for the save! Another thing most moms say when booking for their boys is, “We just want something quick and easy because he’s really not into pictures and probably won’t want a full hour session.” While, I don’t doubt this, some how, prior to our shoot things change. The mini-session gets updated the full hour (I’ve never actually even done a mini-session for a guy before) and the kid even starts to participate in the planning! Be become involved in the location and the outfits. I’ve learned that the more we can include them in the planning the more successful the shoot will be. With all that being said, I know some boys just don’t care either way and are happy to let Mom and I steer the ship.

Lukas, a senior from Providence High School was a perfect example of this scenario. I love how he took charge in choosing our location. He was pretty set on having his shoot in Uptown Charlotte, and I was all too happy to oblige. It’s not often I get to head there for shoot, despite all the backdrops available there. Most of my clients like the natural look we have right here in Waxhaw.

Lukas and I hit it off pretty quickly as we both learned we are big fans of the “look away” shot. Have a looksie…

Uptown Charlotte Parking Garage Senior Guy Pictures
Uptown Charlotte Senior Guy rooftop pictures with skyline
Charlotte NC natural senior boy pictures with Charlotte skyline in the background

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