Charlotte NODA neighborhood graduation pictures

Charlotte, North Carolina, Senior Portrait Photographer, explores the urban neighborhood of Noda for a boy's 8th grade graduation portraits.
Eighth grade boy graduation portraits in the trendy NODA neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina by senior and teen photographer, Natural Bloom Photography.

An urban downtown area is the ideal photo location for a guy.  The NODA neighborhood of Charlotte was the perfect place for these graduation pictures. Colorful backdrops, textures, and posing aids, it makes a session a cinch. Plus, you get a versatile gallery for the client.  It also makes the session itself fun and exciting. I love shooting in all the available nooks and alleys. You are sure to find a cool coffee shop, candy store, or twinkle lit patio to shoot at.

The possibilities here are really endless, and while I think a female would shoot well in these conditions also, it is specifically my favorite for guys. There really are only so many poses you can do with guys once you have them in a field with no posing aids. This session was done in the summer, on a busy Friday night. There was hustle and bustle all around but, it was easy to work around it, find those little uninhabited sections, or edit out the distractions. Make the people and cars are part of the scene. You’ll find most people are generally pretty considerate of professional photography sessions.

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