How-To Encourage Body Positivity for High School Seniors

Let’s get real for a minute. I want to talk about body positivity in regards to teenage girls, my clients. I’m quite aware that teenage girls struggle with body image and I have often wondered if being a senior portrait photographer aids in this belief. I want nothing more than to empower my team of girls and my clients. It is always my intention to make teens feel good about themselves and allow them to see themselves as beautiful and handsome as the rest of the world sees them. I seek out feedback from my girls to make sure they leave my sessions feeling confident and happy with themselves and their images.

Recognize the Problem

I can’t begin to pretend that I know what it is like for kids growing up in a world that showcases their lives on social media. Growing up is hard without that added pressure! I have noticed a few of my model team members over the years who have come out publicly about struggles they have had with body image issues or eating disorders. I won’t go into detail about their personal issues, that is their story to share. I will say that, if I see a post like this, I make it a point to reach out to them privately. I want to know if working with me helped or hurt them in any way. Both girls have said that being on the NBP Model Team helped build their confidence and they loved the experience. Interestingly enough, both girls have gone onto pursue an education or career in the health industry. I’m certainly glad that was the case, but I think that I have a responsibility to my team and my clients to do more.

Implement Solutions

This year I plan to implement a body positive theme for my team and clients. I plan to incorporate this into my social media posts and my model team events as well as donating or working with charitable organizations surrounding this cause. I will be consulting with teens who have struggled to bring information that can help us understand how to do our job as senior photographers while contributing to the well-being of our clients. I truly believe that is a common goal in the industry. Major players have implemented #projectbeauty campaigns that showcase one’s natural beauty through black and white images. NBP’s are called Natural Beauty Sessions. They are offered to all my models and clients.

I’m excited to bring awareness to body image positivity and look forward to enlisting the help of community professionals as well, such as doctors, yoga instructors, and health gurus. Please let me know if you are interested in participating with me and my team.

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